WFA Webinar 25.1.2022 Diversity & Representation in Media: Ensuring media choices supports inclusion

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Deep dive on diversity & representation in media, following the launch of a new WFA guide to addressing DEI issues in the media planning & buying process

Brands’ media planning & buying choices can play a significant role in supporting diversity and inclusion in the mainstream media landscape.  And conversely can have, often unintentionally, a negative impact too.

There are clear Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) opportunities for advertisers to consider within their media choices. In this webinar we address how the media & advertising industry can support inclusion, following the launch of a new guide developed by the WFA Diversity Task Force with the support of GARM – the Global Alliance for Responsible Media.


  • Isabel Massey, Global Media Director, Marketing, Diageo
  • Jerry DaykinWFA Diversity Ambassador
  • Efrain Ayala, Global Diversity & Inclusion Director, Marketing, Reckitt
  • Nadalie Dias, Chief Strategy Officer, m/SIX
  • Christopher Kenna, CEO & Founder, Brand Advance
  • Rob Rakowitz, GARM Initiative Lead, WFA

Webinar recording (YouTube)