Young Lions Finland Steering Group 2024

We invited a group of the best Finnish marketing and communications specialists to form a Steering Group. The members of the Steering Group come from advertising, media or communications agencies, from media or from brands and many of them have participated Young Lions several times as competitors earlier on their careers. Common for all of them is the passion to help young creatives succeed, also on international stages.

They help forming the competition by framing the current competition categories, forming the rules and judging criteria, nominating jury members, participating in content creation and offering their expertise for the Young Lions competitors by coaching and sparring them towards the local competition and later guiding the winning teams on their way to Cannes Young Lions competition in Cannes, France.

Members of the Steering Group:

Riku Eteläkoski, Creative Director, Nitro Group Oy

Joel Huttunen, Creative Manager, LEGO

Anssi Järvinen, Luova johtaja, Marketing Finland

Sanna Kolamo, CEO, Tyrsky Starship Oy

Johan Korsbäck, Revenue & Business Analyst, Sanoma Media Finland

Suvi Lähde, Executive Creative Director, SEK | Part of GREY

Sanna Marttinen, Business Director, Dagmar Oy

Teemu Neiglick, CEO, Omnicom

Anu Niemonen, Executive Creative Director

Ville Ohtonen, Cheaf Creative Officer, Bob the Robot

Laura Paikkari, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\Helsinki

Jyrki Poutanen, Chief Creative Officer, United Imaginations

Erno Reinikainen, Creative | Art Director, Erma&Reinikainen

Elli Tuominen, Strategy Director, Kurio Oy

Kalle Wallin, Creative Director, NordDDB