WFA Webinar 20.1.2022: Spotlight - The Rise of Chinese brands - Why is it important for businesses in and outside of China

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Explanations behind the rise of Chinese brands and why it is important to businesses in and outside of China.

In recent years, domestic brands have accounted for the lion’s share of growth in China – peaking at 98% in the FMCG category in 2017. Whilst rising nationalism has contributed to some of this growth, much of it can be attributed to the distinctive strategic approaches of Chinese brands. These companies are structurally and culturally set up both to win and change the rules of engagement in this unique market.

As ambitious Chinese brands spread their wings to expand into other markets, understanding their approaches is no longer just relevant brands competing in China, but across the globe – just look to Shein’s rise to lead in market share over H&M and Zara in the US market. This session will help you understand Chinese brands’ approach to marketing to better prepare for them as competitors everywhere.

Our guest speaker, Mark Tanner, Managing Director at China Skinny, will call on specific client-studies into Chinese brands’ strategies. He will tap insights from over 250 projects with brands such as Nike, Adidas, IKEA, Colgate, Reckitt Benckiser, Panasonic, Tourism Australia, IHG and China’s largest car manufacturer SAIC; data from China Skinny’s Skincare, Beauty, Health and Dairy Trackers; in addition to writing the most-read newsletter about marketing in China for over nine years during his time at the helm of Shanghai-based research, branding and strategic agency China Skinny.

Webinar recording (YouTube)


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