WFA Benchmarks & Surveys 07/2020: Agency barter

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This benchmark examines the usage of agency barter & principal buying/trading offerings.

A WFA member reached out regarding agency barter & principal buying/trading offerings.

Specifically, the member requested feedback on the following questions:

1. Do you use barter and if so, in which regions?

2. Please let us know which agency specialist you use for your barter deals. Do you recommend them?

3. What are the compensation models you’ve used with your barter agency?

4. Based on your experiences, please (briefly) outline some of the benefits and risks associated with barter.

5. What sort of visibility (or lack thereof) should clients expect on inventory quality and costs from barter deals?

6. Please outline (briefly) how agencies are held accountable for what they’re delivering; are there commercial terms to consider to minimize brand/company risk and exposure?

The questions were posed to select WFA corporate members with expertise in this area.

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