WFA Webinar 15.11.2021: Spotlight - Gaming Demystified 2021

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Video gaming has risen to become bigger than other forms of entertainment. Its growth has been further super-charged by COVID-19, during which many people turned to gaming while stuck at home.

In this webinar, James Redden, Managing Director Asia Pacific at 2CV, will review key findings from the report Gaming Demystified 2021, including:

  • More than half the marketers we surveyed have invested in gaming in the past 12 months: 62% of marketers reported that they had invested in gaming in the last 12 months, almost double from the 32% in 2019.
  • Investment levels have risen and are set to rise even further: Expected investment in the next 12 months has risen from an average of $566,000 in 2019 to $1.42m in the next year.
  • The most popular investments are in opportunities that are most similar to more traditional advertising:
    • sponsoring content creators/streamers (54%);
    • esports (45%) as well as;
    • pop-up advertising in-game (46%) and;
    • on gaming websites/platforms (49%).
  • However, marketers still want to know more about the industry and the opportunities available, including the risks. In 2021 there is more interest in potential brand risks – 38% of marketers want to understand these better, compared to just 24% in 2019.

James will also speak to different parts of the gaming ecosystem, share award-winning case studies and offer advice on best practices when it comes to gaming and eSports for marketers.

Webinar recording (YouTube)

Download the executive summary here.