WFA Playbook for advertisers: The First 100 Days of a Marketing Capability Leader, 3/2022

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The First 100 Days of a Marketing Capability Leader

The First 100 Days of a Marketing Capability Leader (March 2022): Based on the advice and learnings from over 15 seasoned capability leaders from brands such as P&G, AB InBev and Reckitt, and marketing capability consultancy Oxford, this report is intended to provide a practical playbook for new capability leaders. It outlines the activities to prioritise during the first 100 days (or more realistically, the first year) into the role, along with a few watchouts and words of advice

Download the playbook here


About the Marketing Capability Forum

The Marketing Capability Forum is a network for senior global marketers that lead or are involved in the capability building of their marketing teams. The group looks to share learning in relation to raising the marketing capability bar within WFA member organisations, including how to create a culture for learning, upskill on the digital ecosystem, as well as measure the performance of engaging capability building programmes. Value is delivered through critical research and reports, physical and remote forums, and online tools and benchmarking services. The group is chaired by Becky Verano (Global VP Marketing Operations and Capabilities, Reckitt).