WFA Webinaari 20.5.2020: In search of the unicorn marketer

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We unveil WFA’s largest global study, focusing on the ‘marketer of the future’.

This project boasts qual interviews with some of the world’s leading CMOs and a quantitative study amongst almost 700 senior marketers from 32 countries around the world.

Independent research agency 2CV, presents the headline findings, from a project made possible through partnership with WFA’s network of national advertiser associations.

Building on this, two of the outstanding marketing leaders who contributed greatly towards the project, Syl Saller, CM&IO Diageo and Ivan Pollard, CMO General Mills, share on what the findings means for CMOs, their teams and the wider industry.

The webinar concludes with a moderated Q&A based on attendee questions.

• Syl Saller MBE, CM&IO Diageo
• Ivan Pollard, General Mills
• Sabine Cronick, 2CV
• Michael Murphy, 2CV
• Rob Dreblow, WFA (moderator)

Presentation slides

Webinar recording (YouTube)


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