WFA Webinaari 24.7.2020: Live-streaming & e-commerce

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This webinar provides best practice in strategy and execution, case studies on how marketers and social platforms are using live commerce to grow their brands, as well as how to mitigate risks and deal with challenges.

Retail has emerged from the pandemic with a unique mix of live-streaming and e-commerce. The trend is catching on with global brands like Apple and Louis Vuitton as well as rural retailers in China looking to turn engagement on short-form video apps into retail revenue.

Join Greg Paull, Principal & Co-Founder – R3, as he explores topics such as:

• Best practice in strategy and execution to make campaigns effective and measurable
• Examples of different ways that brands are using live commerce
• Popular platforms
• Risks to performance, brand and reputation

Presentation slides 

Webinar recording (YouTube)