WFA Webinaari 6.5.2020: A Marketer's guide to digital ad fraud

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This webinar with Integral Ad Science covers a comprehensive guide to digital ad fraud, especially in APAC.

Since the WFA Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge for Media Investors was first published in 2016, digital ad fraud has continued to appear in many different forms and shows no sign of abating. Across bots, pixel stuffing, malicious apps, and more, ad fraud has evolved in such a way that it can impact every element of digital advertising including evolving mediums and leading to erosion of media investment across platforms.

Join Laura Quigley, SEA Managing Director – IAS, as she:

• provides an update on the widespread reach of the multibillion-dollar business of ad fraud in digital advertising, globally and in the APAC region
• demonstrates why ad fraud is detrimental for digital campaigns across channels
• explains why it is business-critical for brands to combat digital ad fraud and shares tips on how this can be done.

Webinar recording (YouTube)

To facilitate your conversations with internal and external stakeholders, and navigate through discovering whether your ad spend is properly protected from ad fraud, the Integral Ad Science (IAS) Team has curated some reports that you may find useful.

A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Ad Fraud. This guide provides:

  •    an overview of the different types of ad fraud
  •    a deeper dive into bots and botnets
  •    methods for identifying and fighting ad fraud
  •    steps you can take to protect yourself

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