Guidance for Influencers 3/2022: How to communicate responsibly about the war in Ukraine

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The guidance for influencers includes the following tips:

  1. Think for three seconds before sharing anything.
  2. Critically review content and familiarise yourself with the entire content before sharing it.
  3. Recognise what is a fact and what is an opinion.
  4. Critically evaluate whether the images or videos you see in content you are looking to share are in the right context.
  5. Do not share a story that contains false information.
  6. If you make or share a claim, verify first that it is true.
  7. Use reliable sources and always disclose where the information came from.
  8. If you accidentally post false information, correct it immediately.
  9. Recognise your own preconceptions.
  10. Don’t publish racist content or encourage hate speech.
  11. If you have a young audience, don’t share violent images.
  12. When sharing videos and pictures, make sure that those are not violating people’s privacy or humiliating innocent people.
  13. Don’t get triggered by trolls, concentrate on good content and support it with comments.

The guideline on the distribution of war-related content in Ukraine has been produced by Marketing Finland’s  Influencer Marketing communities. 

The guidelines have been extended to include young consumers and the risk of increased racism.

It is important to remember that not all Russians support Putin’s actions and that racism only increases people’s confrontation and can lead to the emergence of extremist groups. Marketing Finland therefore asks influencers and communicators to pay attention to the fact that communication does not encourage racism. According to the Population Information System, 84,000 people who speak Russian as their mother tongue live in Finland, and many workplaces also have Russians. It is also important to talk to your own children about discrimination and racism at home.


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