Young Lions Finland Q & A

Frequently asked questions

We will collect here answers to most common questions we have received about the competition. Hopefully these will helpful for all the future competitors too.


Q: Are competitors expected to present their work already during the first round here in Finland, or is that only in the final in Cannes?  

A: Young Lions Finland and Cannes Young Lions Competition are 2 separate competitions, so participating in Finland is not exactly considered as the first round. 

In Finland competitors in Digital, Marketers, Media and PR are expected to deliver the presentation materials within the competition time. Then on the first round of jury work, the shortlist will be selected. Those teams who have been shortlisted will be presenting their work to the juries. 

The winning teams from Finland will participate the Young Lions Competitions in Cannes. Cannes Lions will organize their own competitions with different briefings and similar competition time. Also there entries in Digital, Marketers, Media and PR will be presented to their jury, according to their own competition rules and guidelines. 

Q: Will the presentations be in person or online? 

A: In 2023 Competition, the presentations will be online, on Zoom. 

Q: When do the presentations take place? 

 A: Presentations take place: 

  • on Thursday, March 30th, 2023 from 4 pm forward: PR and Marketers 
  • on Friday, March 31st, 2023 from 4 pm forward: Digital and Media 

Q: Can the entry be paid by invoicing? 

A: Yes, entry can be paid either with a credit card or requesting for an invoice (invoicing address and information needed at the registration) 

Q: Are we going to have a predetermined client in the brief? Or will we have to make one up? 

 A: Yes, we will have a charity/NGO briefing the competition 

Q: What are the deadlines for the competition? 

A: In 2023 the deadlines  are 

  • Finalizing registration and payment, Friday 17th at 9.45 pm 
  • Entry in 1 competition: deadline Saturday 18th at 10.00 pm 
  • Entry in Film competition or in several competitions: deadline Sunday 19th at 10.00 pm 

Q: Will all competition teams be able to see each other´s work? 

A: During the competition teams will not be able to see other teams’ work. After announcing winners there will be an online archive open to see all the entered work. We are also arranging an exhibition of the winning work in Helsinki. 

Q: How many teams are chosen to the shortlist? 

A: The number of shortlisted works is not limited. The juries will choose and decide which works are qualified for shortlisting. 

Q: While presenting your own work, will the other competitors be present during the presentations? 

A: Each team will have an individual time in front of the jury for their presentation. Other teams will not be present at the time. 

Q: Are we going to receive the technical requirements and guidelines before the brief on Friday? 

 A: All guidelines and requirements are part of the brief, and they will be shared during the briefing. The briefing materials and a recording of the briefing session will be available during the whole competition time.

 Q:Does the text has to be exactly 150 words? or more or less? 

A: The text can be 150 words max, so 150 or less, use enough to get your thoughts through clearly.

Q: Can you use AI-technologies? 

A: Any technologies can be used, unless it has been advised not to in the brief.

Q: Can the film be shorter than 60 seconds? 

A: We recommend making the film 60 seconds, as it was described on the brief. We realize this is not the most modern length of a video, but as far as we know at the moment, 60 seconds is the length also used in the international Young Lions Competition. This year (2023) we want our local competition to follow the international competition rules as far as possible. We will surely discuss the length for 2024 competition within the Steering Committee to find out what could be most useful guidelines for the next local competition.

Q: Is the target group limited only to people and customers or can it also be companies? 

A: This year’s briefing told that you can choose the target group yourself. The target group was not limited to only include private customers, you can target companies as well. This can vary yearly, always depending on the brief. 

Q: How should the files be named? 

A: The name of the work, and the competition it is entering.