WFA Webinar 19.05.2022: Dark Patterns and Advertising Regulation

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On 19 May 2022 WFA hosted a webinar with the objective to shed light on dark patterns and how the advertising industry can come together to foster better consumer protection online.

Over recent months, there has been an increasing focus on so-called ‘dark patterns’; deceptive design techniques that nudge users into taking decisions they wouldn’t otherwise take or convince people into sharing more information about themselves than they intended to. Dark patterns can therefore result in numerous consumer harms.

While many practices that could qualify as dark patterns are explicitly prohibited by law, others are implicitly prohibited, primarily through self-regulatory codes and guidance by regulators. In so far as dark patterns are misleading or unfair commercial practices, SROs can deal with them under the current rules.

This webinar explored how regulators globally are addressing dark patterns, how industry self-regulatory organisations tackle such practices, and explore how the industry can come together to protect consumers worldwide.

Webinar recording (YouTube)