WFA Webinaari 7.5.2020: A Cross Media Measurement Technical Proposal

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With advertisers and national associations, WFA has been pursuing the definition of global, advertiser-centric but industry-wide principles and frameworks, that can underpin a new wave of cross-media (TV+Digital) measurement services, with a view to going further than what is currently in place anywhere in the world.

The draft WFA Industry Framework (attached) is a start-point for these principles. Fundamental to this Framework is the Advertiser ‘North Star’, which should guide how the industry develops cross-media measurement solutions.

As a follow-up to the Framework, WFA and members asked companies on the sell-side, including the digital platforms, to collaborate on a technical design proposal as a starting point for industry discussion. This proposal should be an open sourced approach available to the industry which meets the advertiser North Star vision, and principles, outlined in the WFA Framework.

This is now done and the design will be made available to industry stakeholders (including advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and others) for peer review, with the express intent of developing a high-level industry-endorsed blueprint, which could form the basis for local market technical implementations. Several advertiser associations have been participating in (and driving) WFA’s process. The ANA in the US and ISBA (Origin) in the UK are exploring how the Framework and technical blueprint can be used as the basis for their cross-media measurement initiatives, and will seek to pilot this work.

Presentation slides

Draft proposal