WFA Webinar 17.12.2022 The role of AI in the content creation process

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This session focused on the practical use of AI in the content creation process, and took place on Dec 1st, 2022 during a WFA Sourcing Forum meeting.

Bob Hofmann, VP of Broadway Inbound, part of the theatre-owning and show-producing Shubert Organization, with Intentful’s Marina Petrova, CEO, and Bruce Amick, COO shared on how they made the most of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to create marketing and e-commerce content at scale, answering everyday questions from a 15-million audience of Broadway theatregoers. Including:

  • AI for Content 101
  • How does AI know what content to create?
  • Use cases, including different types of owned media, e-commerce, knowledge management
  • AI content demo
  • A case study on the use of AI for Broadway.

Webinar recording (YouTube)

Download presentation materials here