WFA Webinaari 14.5.2020: How transcreation can give a local edge to global messages

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How to optimise content production globally while remaining relevant and effective locally.

Global brand reputation and local compliance are at the heart of most international organisations’ agendas. However, varying priorities among internal stakeholders (central brand teams to global procurement and in-market marcomms teams), can set the stage for a conflict of interest that could potentially do more harm than good.

To add to this, global brands are constantly looking for ways to optimise content production globally (cost efficiency, consistency, lack of local resources) while remaining relevant and effective locally.

This webinar:
• Explores transcreation & the need for cross-cultural adaptation and localisation
• Assesses how global transcreation can ensure long-term efficiencies while addressing their local audiences in a way they truly understand.
• Also touches base on the hidden costs of mainstream translation and the impact it can have on brand reputation, local stakeholder management and ineffective resource allocation.

Speakers Mélanie Chevalier, CEO of cross-cultural consultancy, Creative Culture, and Stephen McMahon, Marketing Director – Communications and Marketing, AXA XL, showcase several cross-market brand, advertising and comms case studies and run us through the various KPIs and outline the ROI that transcreation can deliver.

Presentation slides

An overview of Transcreation Best Practices

Creative Culture’s Transcreation Offering

Webinar recording (YouTube)