WFA & Google Q&A session 27.4.2020 on advertiser verification

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Google have recently announced that they will soon require all advertisers to verify their identities for ads served through Google Ads and Display & Video 360. Users will be able to see the advertiser name and country for all ads they see by clicking on the “Why this ad” link, and opt out of seeing ads from this advertiser in future if they wish.

In this Q&A session, Google will brief WFA members on what this means for them and respond to questions. Members can send any specific questions they’d like to raise in advance to and we’ll pass them on to the Google team.

This session is exclusive to WFA Members

Google: Increasing transparency through advertiser identity verification

You can read Google’s blog article by John Canfield, Director of Product Management, Ads Integrity, p

And the memo of the WFA & Google Q&A session on advertiser verification 27.4.2020