WFA Benchmarks & Surveys: The future of insights and marketing effectiveness 3/2022

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In an increasingly complex business ecosystem, where does the Insights function sit today, and where to go next?

An increasingly complex business ecosystem, the ongoing pressure to do more with same (or fewer) resources, addressing complex business questions, keeping up to date with the latest solutions and methodologies, an increasing network of internal stakeholders… It has never been a more exciting time to be an Insights leader!

This initiative was designed to understand how client-side marketers and researchers see the insights function: the role they see it playing today, the directions into which they wish the function would evolve and how it might increasingly help drive more effective marketing for their organisation.

In this report, in partnership with System1, we talked to both senior marketers and insights leaders. We explored how things have changed since the previous Future of Insights project, 6 years ago. Are researchers feeling more positive about their function today? Do their marketing stakeholders agree? Who sets the effectiveness KPIs? How can Insights function better contribute to brand growth?

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Understanding the perception gap between marketers and insights leaders
  • Acknowledging Insights’ strengths and opportunities for growth to become Strategic Consultants
  • Insights and marketing effectiveness
  • Measurement metrics and models