Media Auditing guidelines 11/2021, EACA

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Media agencies recognise that independent media auditing and agency performance assessment are complex. Advertisers can benefit immensely from additional third-party advice, training and education regarding the marketplace, particularly in the increasingly complex programmatic eco-system. 

Recent years have seen a significant increase in companies or individuals offering media consultancy and media auditing services across the globe. 

The purpose of EACA’s “Media Auditing Guidelines” is to help ensure that all parties adhere to a minimum code of conduct, with a view to providing transparency, relevant insights, and data protection to both the agency and the advertiser. We have identified a series of criteria representing suggested rules of engagement between agencies, advertisers and media auditors. 

This document is the result of extensive discussions involving all 6 global media agency networks over the past year. This document also reflects discussions that took place with the WFA and the leading global media auditors. While these guidelines reflect an aligned agencies view, we have also incorporated, where relevant, media auditors’ feedback into our guidelines. 

Download EACA’s Media Auditing guidelines 2021 here