WFA Reports & Whitepapers: Agency Roster Transformation 7/2022

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In-housing benefits as advertisers seek to respond to digital, Covid, sustainability and diversity and inclusion challenges

It has been nearly three years since we last looked at the world of agency rosters and how businesses were dealing with them. A lot has happened in the ensuing period. Significant geo-political focus on climate change and sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusion. And no small matter of a global pandemic. All of which has inevitably focused both marketers and procurement leaders on optimising their agency arrangements in the interests of efficiency, effectiveness and economic benefits, together with making strides on those all-important big global trends. But as the world changed, has the world of agency rosters too?

Based on the experience and learnings from over 30 agency management leaders and global management consultancy The Observatory International, this report highlights:

  • who leads agency roster management/transformation within WFA member organisations;
  • the current models in use by WFA members;
  • member’s satisfaction level with their current roster;
  • how long a transformation journey takes for members to ‘complete’;
  •  what an ideal/future-fit agency roster could look like;
  •  the capability gaps to bridge;
  • how Covid has affected agency roster models;
  • how members integrate DE&I in this area;
  • the challenges of transforming an agency roster.

 Download the report here.