WFA Webinaari 12.3.2020: The Responsible Marketing Pact - Against minors’ exposure to alcohol

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The Responsible Marketing Pact (RMP) aims to reduce minors’ exposure to alcohol marketing, limit the appeal of alcohol marketing to minors, and strive to ensure minors’ social media experience is free from alcohol ads.

In this webinar Julia Quintella, Policy Manager, WFA, gives an overview of how the Responsible Marketing Pact (RMP) works in practice.

The RMP is a commitment by Europe’s leading alcohol producers, establishing clear guidelines on placement of ads, content of ads (i.e. creative execution) and sets new standards and controls for social media.

The Responsible Marketing Pact, signed by Europe’s seven biggest alcohol beverage producers – AB InBev, Bacardi, Brown-Forman, Carlsberg, Diageo, Heineken, and Pernod Ricard – is the most advanced responsible alcohol marketing standard globally.

In line with the EU’s approach to reducing alcohol-related harm, the RMP is a voluntary industry initiative championed by WFA to complement the existing EU legal framework with innovative new standards for responsible alcohol marketing communications that provide minors with an additional layer of protection.

Webinar recording

Presentation slides 

Alcohol marketing commitment “Starter’s Pack”

The case for local alcohol marketing commitments