B2B Marketing Expert

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How to create modern B2B marketing strategy and to implement it in different market areas? This webinar series will help you understand how to successfully expand to new markets. You will learn how to leave a long term digital footprint in different market areas. It will help you understand the specificity of different marketing channels in B2B marketing, how to use data in targeting, how to buy advertising.

B2B Marketing Expert consists of 6 webinars in total. If you miss a session, a recording will be available. Participants are encouraged to send questions and points of interest for speakers in advance.

B2B Marketing Expert is a webinar series for B2B professionals who want to grow their understanding of modern B2B marketing.

15.9.2020 klo 10.00-12.00 Modern Marketing Strategy and Account Based Marketing
29.9.2020 klo 10.00-12.00 Expanding into New Markets
27.10.2020 klo 10.00-12.00 B2B Marketing Trends and Customer Insight
17.11.2020 klo 15.00-17.00 Purpose in B2B
1.12.2020 klo 10.00-12.00 B2B Marketing Channels
15.12.2020 klo 10.00-12.00 Building Global eStrategy

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