Mats Rönne

Mats is a seasoned veteran in the Swedish marketing and media industry with over 35 years of experience from all sides of the business – as a client, for media owners and in various agency roles.

He is a former chairman of the Swedish Advertisers’ Association and co-founder of the Swedish Advertising Effectiveness Award 100-wattaren. He has been global head of brand management at both Ericsson and Electrolux, and CMO for residential developer Skanska Nya Hem as well as the digital magazine service Readly. Mats has also worked in various strategy and client management roles for several advertising and media agencies, and within the magazine side of Bonniers, the Swedish publisher and media house.

Today he calls himself a “brain for hire” and works and lectures extensively on both brand, marketing and communications strategy and on marketing effectiveness issues for advertisers, agencies and media companies. Apart from leading the work on the Effectiveness System, Mats also chairs the Outdoor Committee, the Swedish Joint Industry Committee (JIC) for OOH media.

However, he says his main claim to fame is that in his youth he once saw the Sex Pistols play live.

Göran Sällvin

Göran Sällvin is Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Nordics at Linkedin working with companies to build successful brands and create business growth. Göran have many years of experience from digital marketing and business development from among other roles as CMO in eCommerce and Sales at Google. Göran holds a degree in Master of Science in Business Administration & Economics from University of Stockholm.

Eka Ruola

Eka Ruola on yksi Suomen tunnetuimmista ja palkituimmista luovista johtajista, brändistrategeista ja markkinoinnin asiantuntijoista sekä kansallisella että kansainvälisellä tasolla.
Päätyönään Ruola toimii hybriditoimisto Nitro Groupin vastaavana luovana johtajana ja hän on myös yrityksen pääomistaja. Titteleistä huolimatta Eka tekee kädet savessa töitä asiakkaiden markkinointityön parissa ensisijaisesti brändistrategioissa ja luovassa tarinankerronnassa. Vuonna 2015 Ruola palkittiin New Yorkissa ensimmäisenä suomalaisena Internationalistin Agency Innovator -palkinnolla. Ruola palkittiin Platinahuippu-elämäntyöpalkinnolla Grafia r.y:n Vuoden Huiput -kilpailussa vuonna 2022.
Päätyönsä lisäksi Ruola istuu Vincit Oyj:n ja Suomen Olympiakomitean Markkinointi Oy:n hallituksissa. Ruolan kirjoittama ‘Markkinoinnin uudet 4P:tä’ -kirja ilmestyi huhtikuussa 2021.

Elena Bezborodova

5+ years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing. Special areas of expertise include inbound marketing, content strategy, SEO, and PPC advertising (including social media campaigns and Google Ads), email marketing and marketing automation.

Daniel Laurean

Daniel Laurean Daniel Laurean

My complete name is Sergio Daniel Laurean Sanchez, which is quite long so I rather go by Daniel Laurean. I am 32 years old, born and raised most of my life in Guadalajara Mexico. I lived and did part of my studies in the U.S.A. where I learned English and started studying business administration. For the past 10 years I became a Passionate sales-focused professional with a demonstrated history of sales, customer experience and relations, history of building new client leads, establishing and cultivating relationships to secure business commitments. Excellent communicator with proven leadership, aptitude for identifying critical drivers and structuring solutions to increase and retain revenue. My last position was as a Solutions Specialist International team at Vidanta, a premier luxury resort in Mexico and leading resort developer in Latin America.