Teuvo Väisänen

Piuha IT-koulutus

Web Specialist - Coach *** - Freelancer

I’ve been working with Web techniques from the beginning when the Web was invented three decades ago, in 1989. I’ve built Web sites both by hand coding and by using Content Management Systems like WordPress and SharePoint.

I’ve taught hundreds of people in various Web related courses in Tieturi, which is one of the leading training houses in Finland. My training languages are Finnish and English. Some examples from my past Tieturi training portfolio:
– HTML and CSS basics
– HTML5 and CSS 3
– XML Language
– jQuery JavaScript programming
– Website Analytics – Google Analytics
– Search Engine Optimization
– Social Media
– Testing a Website
– Website Planning and Implementation
– Website Usability and Accessibility

Currently I’m retired, but still working as a freelancer, mainly training Web related stuff and doing small website projects with WordPress.

Teuvo Väisänen