Sanna Pänkäläinen

Sanna Pänkäläinen sosiaaliseen mediaan ja sen ilmiöihin intohimoisesti suhtautuvat digimarkkinoinnin konsultti, KTM ja vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin asiantuntija, joka motivoituu ensisijaisesti työssään asiakkaan liiketoiminnan tavoitteista johdettujen markkinoinnin tavoitteiden saavuttamisesta. Sanna Pänkäläisellä on vuosien kokemus niin globaalien kuin lokaalien asiakkaiden sosiaalisen median mainonnan ja vaikuttajamarkkinoinnin kehittämisestä aina strategisesta suunnittelusta tulokselliseen toteutukseen.

I am creative, analytical and passionate MSc Economics with strong proficiency in Paid Social Media and Influencer Marketing.

In my current role as Senior Social Media Consultant in Tulos, I am responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring our clients’ social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and drive conversion. I define most important social media KPIs, manage and oversee social media content and measure the success of social media campaigns. I am also in charge of delivering fully integrated influencer marketing strategies and working as the driving force in bringing influencer marketing as an integral part of our clients’ marketing mix. As a social media influencer myself, I have also wide understanding of the other side of the table.

I have years of experience in working with both local and global clients – my biggest driving force is to help clients achieve better results and grow their business by data-driven Social Media Marketing.


Elena Bezborodova

5+ years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing. Special areas of expertise include inbound marketing, content strategy, SEO, and PPC advertising (including social media campaigns and Google Ads), email marketing and marketing automation.

Jonathan Olsson

Jonathan is a marketing geek with a passion for brand building, social media advertising, content, and of course – programmatic marketing. Jonathan is also a husband and parent to two kids who love adventuring in Stockholm’s parks and surrounding forests.