Relatable – we transform influencer marketing into a global scalable media channel

Influencer Marketing, Branded Content Ads and Content Production. All in a bit of a different way than how it has previously been done. Let us guide you into the new decade of efficient and relevant creator centric marketing.


We help large global consumer brands and direct-to-consumer startups with their influencer marketing efforts on Instagram and YouTube.

Think of us as an extended part of your in-house marketing team. With the tools, technology and experience to help solve your biggest challenges.

You tell us what your marketing goals are, and we’ll bring experience from over 20,000 collaborations across Instagram and YouTube, best practice from working with more than 100 different brands across the globe, and proprietary technology to eliminate both waste of time and unnecessary guesswork.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say about it!

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20,000+ collaborations reaching

500,000,000+ consumers

for some of the largest brands in the world

Instead of working as a traditional networked based influencer marketing agency, we decided not to limit the target audience that we are able to reach to just a few influential people instead we decided to go straight to Instagram and YouTube and ask for permission to tap in to their API:s, accessing their entire user index.  As in every type of marketing activation it is important to make sure that we are reaching the right target audience, this is why we are working with a audience first approach meaning that we match brands with influencers based on followers instead of the influencer itself (of course we make sure that the influencer is brand spot on as well).

A team of passionate experts operating globally from offices in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles.

A Marketing Technology Company

Relatable is a marketing technology company on a mission to accelerate the shift in global media spend from traditional advertising channels to the future of media; people. We turn influencer marketing into a scalable media channel for our clients but that’s only the starting point of our journey.

The next-generation growth of the global economy is driven by creativity, not knowledge or capital – and by empowering a large group of creative and influential individuals we believe that good things will happen in the world.

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What we offer to Marketing Finland members

Working with us gives you

  • Your own Relatable team, fully dedicated to your campaign.
  • Creative ideas and execution.
  • 15 % lower CPM.
  • Access to a partner page where you can follow your campaign 24/7 with real-time data updates.
  • Full detailed report after each campaign.
  • Weekly calls and follow-ups with your Relatable team.
  • Free campaign setup.

Let’s do this!

Reach out to Robbin Degermark, Global Business Development Manager with the focus area of the Nordic markets.

Robbin Degermark

Global Business Development Manager
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