Evelien Molenaar

Evelien Molenaar, Sales Manager Nordics & Netherlands – Evelien helps companies to engage with their audiences and with collecting relevant data for their systems via interactive marketing campaigns. Evelien is based in Qualifio’s Amsterdam office.

Tuomas Jäälinoja

Tuomas Jäälinoja Tuomas Jäälinoja

I aspire to create something great.

Be it with avenues of data, human insights or creativity, I aim to drive ideas that add value, author culture and posit questions that spark new cycles of innovation.

A digital transformation leader with over 10 years of experience in building businesses through a combination of ingenuity, long-term vision and an understanding of how humans behave. A storyteller at heart, I have built my career around utilising constant experimentation to improve ways of operation, be they about getting the best out of my teams or maximising the impact of the services I offer.

Key skills
– Strategy
– Leadership
– Digital transformation
– Data-driven marketing
– Public speaking
– Sales and negotiation