Cannes Lions Awards 2023

Marketing Finland is the official Cannes LIONS Representative in Finland.

Cannes Lions Awards 2023

The Awards were celebrated at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity during June 19-23.

You can find all the shortlisted and awarded work here:



In 2023 Cannes Lions is introducing a new Entertainment Lion for Gaming, as well as a focus on DE&I, Sustainability and Impact.

Nine tracks encompass 30 specialist awards which reflect the breadth of disciplines across the global branded communications industry.

Dates and fees

  • Entries Open / 19 January 2023
  • First late fee applies / After 9 March 2023
  • Second late fee applies / After 23 March 2023
  • Third late fee applies / After 6 April 2023
  • Final deadline / 13 April 2023

If you are concerned that you won’t meet the final deadline on 13 April 2023, please get in touch.

The full list of entry fees by all categories can be found here

Eligibility timeframe slightly changed

The entry has been submitted exactly as published/aired/released to the public, has not been modified for entry into the 2023 Cannes Lions Awards and must have ran for the first time between 21 February 2022 and 23 April 2023.

Full entry rules, terms and conditions

will be available from January 19th, 2023. The summary is available here.

Entry Kit

A selection of handy materials has been put together to guide you through the entry process. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, this is everything you need to enter Cannes Lions 2023. Download the Entry Kit here

Need help for your entries?

The Cannes Lions dedicated Awards Experts are on hand to offer guidance on eligibility dates, which categories you can enter your work into, material requirements or any Lion-specific queries you may have.

Get in touch: awards (@)


Read articles about Cannes Lions on our MRKTNG media (only in Finnish)

If you have questions regarding the Cannes Lions Awards or the Cannes Lions Festival in France, pop me a message: maarit.aarrekangas (@)

Cannes Young Lions Competitions

Suomen paikallisessa Young Lions Finland -kilpailussa parhaiten pärjänneet Young Lions tiimit kilpailivat kesäkuussa 2023 kansainvälisessä Young Lions -kilpailussa Cannesissa. Tutustu Suomen tiimien kilpailutöihin alla olevista linkeistä.

The best teams from the Finnish Young Lions competition competed in the international Young Lions competition in Cannes in June 2023. Check out the competition entries of the Finnish Young Lions teams for the international Cannes Young Lions competition from the links below.

Suomen Young Lions edustus Cannesissa. // The Finnish Young Lions delegation in Cannes
Suomen Young Lions tiimit yhteiskuvassa voittajien julkistustilaisuudessa Cannesissa. // The Finnish Young Lions teams pictured together at the Winners announcement ceremony in Cannes.

Competition entries for the Finnish teams in the Cannes Young Lions 2023 competition

There is a Planet Tree! 

Eevi Kolinen, SEK & Emilia Nordgren, SEK


Katso koko työ tästä // See the entry here


EarthlyDesire: How EcoTree Made Nature and Carbon Removal Sexy

Saana Simander, Bob the Robot & Samy Wilkman, Bob the Robot


Katso koko työ tästä // See the entry here



Jenny Kettunen, Havas Helsinki & Emma Koukonen, Havas Helsinki


Katso koko työ tästä // See the entry here


Never too mom to learn

Marianna Metsänheimo, Kids Agency & Joël Petzold, Kids Agency


Katso koko työ tästä // See the entry here


The Smiling Moon

Samuli Kyttälä, Freelancer & Sasu Lahdensuo, Wörks Oy


Katso koko työ tästä // See the entry here


The Most Important Lesson

Matilda Diletta, SEK & Unni Leino, SEK


Katso koko työ tästä // See the entry here


All Cannes Young Lions 2023 competition entries

Tutustu kaikkiin 2023 vuoden Cannes Young Lions kilpailutöihin alla olevista linkeistä.

Check out all the 2023 Cannes Young Lions competition entries from the links below.

Young Lions Print Competition

Young Lions PR Competition

Young Lions Media Competition

Young Lions Digital Competition

Young Lions Design Competition

Young Lions Film Competition


Marketing Finland on Cannes LIONS -edustaja Suomessa ja järjestämme vuosittain Young Lions Finland -kilpailun, josta kunkin sarjan voittajatiimi pääsee osallistumaan kansainväliseen Cannes Young Lions -kilpailuun sekä Cannes Festival of Creativity -tapahtumaan kesäkuussa Ranskan Cannesissa.

Vuodesta 2006 lähtien kilpailu on antanut nuorille markkinointi- ja viestintäkyvyille mahdollisuuden näyttää kyntensä. Jos siis työskentelet markkinoinnin tai viestinnän parissa ja olet 30-vuotias tai nuorempi, anna meidän kuulla äänesi!

Young Lions Finland -kilpailu järjestetään Suomessa seuraavan kerran 2024 keväällä. Suomen paikallisessa kilpailussa parhaiten pärjänneet tiimit pääsevät kilpailemaan Cannesiin kesäkuussa 2024. Seuraa Marketing Finlandia somessa, niin saat ajankohtaisimmat tiedot kilpailuun liittyen.

Pääset Young Lions Finland 2023 kilpailun sivulle tästä

Katso julkaisemamme uutiset aiheesta 

Seuraa kilpailusivua Facebookissa 

Marketing Finland edustaa myös Cannes-perheeseen kuuluvia Eurobest, Spikes Asia ja Dubai Lynx -kilpailuja Suomessa. Kysyttävää Cannes Lions -kilpailuihin tai tapahtumiin liittyen? Laita viestiä: maarit.aarrekangas (@)


Marketing Finland is the Cannes LIONS representative in Finland and we organize the annual Young Lions Finland competition, from which the winning team of each series gets to participate in the international Cannes Young Lions competition and the Cannes Festival of Creativity in June in Cannes, France.

Since 2006, the competition has given young marketing and communication talents the opportunity to show their skills. So if you work in marketing or communications and are 30 or younger, let us hear your voice!

The next Young Lions Finland competition will be held in Finland in the spring of 2024. The best teams from the local Finnish competition will get compete in Cannes in June 2024. Follow Marketing Finland on social media to get the most up-to-date information about the competition.

You can find Young Lions Finland 2023 competition page here

See the news we have published on the subject

Follow the competition page on Facebook

Marketing Finland also represents the Cannes family’s competitions Eurobest, Spikes Asia and Dubai Lynx  in Finland. Questions about the Cannes Lions competitions or events? Send a message: maarit.aarrekangas (@)