13.1.2022 How to increase Brand Engagement and ROI during Virtual Events

This webinar concentrates on Brand Value Growth during Hybrid events

You will learn how Brand Owners get maximum out of Event Partnership when half of the audience has joined online and won’t visit your booth or interact during physical events.

You will also learn, how agency can help increase ROI for online events

-how to make tactical engagement plan

-what can I use Micropayments for during online event

-how to create new ad space for online events

We will also concentrate on what platform to use for your next online or hybrid event whenthere are over 500 platforms.

How to choose?


The cases shown in this webinar are:

Cannes Lions


Simple Session

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Maarit Mäeveer

Maarit is CEO and Co-Founder of Votemo, a startup offering...Jatka lukemista