26.2. WFA Webinaari: The future of cookies and digital advertising


3rd party cookies have long been a key way of collecting data for targeting ads. But now their future seems uncertain due to changes in regulation and increasing restrictions imposed by browsers. Is this the end of the 3rd party cookie? If so, what do advertisers need to do about it?

In this webinar, WFA and Infectious Media will take a look at what’s changing and explore what the impact could be on digital advertising.


  • What does new and emerging privacy regulation mean for the future of cookies?
  • Why are browsers, including Google Chrome, looking to block 3rd party cookies?
  • What does this mean for marketers?
  • What are some of the alternative solutions?

Catherine Armitage, Director of Digital Policy, WFA will be joined by James Coulson, Managing Partner, Strategy, Infectious Media and Dan Larden, managing partner, product and partnerships, Infectious Media to explore answers to some of these questions and discuss what the future holds for advertisers.

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