Jäsenille ilmainen: 22.4.2021 Why is first-party data so strategic to brands? Real-life successful examples of big brands.

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Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and now Chrome. The giant Google has announced the scheduled end of third party cookies from its browser by 2022. Advertisers are already grinding their teeth: with Chrome covering 60% of the online advertising market, it will soon be impossible to collect data via third-party cookies.
Third-party cookies are useful for advertisers to create targeted ads and collect information about users’ interests and purchase intentions. First-party data appear to be a suitable strategy shift. This data enables the collection of accurate, qualitative and relevant information for your business.

In this webinar we will discuss:
• The difference between first, second and third-party data.
• The benefits of having a first-party data strategy: engagement, segmentation, data collection and conversion.
• How interactivity can help you collect first-party data and preferences insights to qualify leads and personalise your marketing communications.
• Real-life successful examples of major brands to inspire you.