16.2.2022 Strategic Storytelling

129,00 289,00 

This webinar will focus on why stories are often the most effective form of marketing and how to use them to that end.
What makes stories more effective at changing people’s minds than rational argument?
What is narrative thinking and how can I use it?
What is a narrative platform and how does it make stories more effective?
What companies have been using storytelling as a key component of their marketing efforts, and what results are they getting?

Speakers: Frank Rose, keynote speaker, author, faculty director from Columbia University School of the Arts and Väinö Leskinen, COO, Bond Agency.

Frank Rose is a very appreciated keynote speaker and a head of faculty in Columbia University School of the Arts. He has a substantial body of publications on the subject of the strategic storytelling.


We offer a special offer of 30% discount for  Franks new book: The Sea We Swim In.

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About the book:

A practical guide to “narrative thinking,” and why it matters in a world defined by data.

In The Sea We Swim In, Frank Rose leads us to a new understanding of stories and their role in our lives. For decades, experts from many fields—psychologists, economists, advertising and marketing executives—failed to register the power of narrative. Scientists thought stories were frivolous. Economists were knee-deep in theory. Marketers just wanted to cut to the sales pitch. Yet stories, not reasoning, are the key to persuasion.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, stories determine how we view the world and our place in it. That means the tools of professional storytellers—character, world, detail, voice—can unlock a way of thinking that’s ideal for an age in which we don’t passively consume media but actively participate in it. Building on insights from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Rose shows us how to see the world in narrative terms, not as a thesis to be argued or a pitch to be made but as a story to be told.

Leading brands and top entertainment professionals already understand the vast potential of storytelling. From Warby Parker to Mailchimp to The Walking Dead, Rose explains how they use stories to establish their identity and turn ordinary people into fans—and how you can do the same.”

Order your copy now for discount of 30%.To order The Sea We Swim In at a special member/participant discount of 30% please click here and add the code WN828 when prompted at the checkout.

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