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Jäsenillemme: Kansainvälisen markkinoinnin WEBINAARI

ma 25.11. klo 13.00 – 14.00 Aasia markkina-alueena

Marketing Comms: Currently ranked as the highest, most competitive marketing hub within the region, Singapore leads the way in establishing Asia as the place to watch when it comes to digital innovation at the speed of light and how to engage with consumers in some of the largest, fastest growing economies in the world. WFA APAC Director, Ranji David, provides an overview of how (and where) Asia leads the pack and how the WFA’s presence across these markets can offer a springboard to Finnish businesses looking to gain a foothold outside of Western Markets. 

Asiantuntijana toimii Ranji David, Director, APAC – Marketing Services, World Federation of Advertisers, https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranjidavid/

Webinaarin agenda:

  • Overview of Asia / Asian Markets / Asian Consumers
    • It is NOT one Region
    • Growth & Economies
    • Asian Consumers
    • Trends: Mobile, eCommerce, Asia for Asians (eg: where Asian-led equivalents of ‘global’ products/services/apps are leading the way – Grab, Gojek….)
  • WFA Asian Reach, Members, Markets
    • 11 Asia-based members and marketing organizations to connect with and leverage, plus countless other marketers with MNCs
    • Network of Asian-based National Associations – in-market support
    • Where we are on the ground – Local meetings & markets
    • Asia-led Research Initiatives – Gaming, Blockchain
    • Asia Partners & Networks – Agencies, Platforms, Consultancies
  • Singapore as an Asian-hub – global marketing COEs and governmental resources
  • Proposed half-day session with Singapore Economic Development Board (TBD)
    • 2-5pm, Friday 3rd April 2020
    • Includes market visit (TBC)
  • Q&A – What would you like to know / How can we help you in 2020

Jos sinulla on Aasian markkinaan liittyviä kysymyksiä, joita haluaisit kysyä Ranji Davidiltä, voit lähettää niitä ennakkoon: maarit.aarrekangas@marketingfinland.fi. Myös webinaarin aikana on varattu aikaa kysymyksille ja keskustelulle. Webinaari on kaikille jäsenillemme veloitukseton.

Kutsulinkki webinaariin lähetetään viikon 45 uutiskirjeessä.