MRKTNG Day 10.-11.9.2019 guest speaker Sonia Hussain, YouTube

YouTube Creators – the Next Generation of Media Companies

In the last year, channels with over one million subscribers nearly doubled. Across the globe and in Finland, YouTube creators are spearheading a new generation of media companies. As a marketer, it’s becoming vital to understand how to include these new media power houses in digital strategies. Join for insights on how the creator ecosystem are turning passion into business.

Sonia Hussain is a Strategic Partner Manager for YouTube, growing and empowering the creator ecosystem in the Nordics. Based out of London, her main focus is consulting the next generation of YouTube top creators on creative content strategies and brand growth. Sonia previously worked for Google Sweden and earlier this year was listed as one of 101 Supertalents by Swedish business journal Veckans Affärer.


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