Why data and personalised marketing are key for marketers in 2020

As keeping an eye on marketing and different industries is key for marketers, you certainly don’t want to miss the latest trends in data and personalised marketing. 

More than 50 statistics are gathered in our infographic, giving you more visibility and details on key marketing trends for 2020. Don’t hesitate any longer and discover them now!

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2020 marketing trends highlights


83% of marketers declared that personalised content creation is one of their biggest challenges. But did you know that brands and media which have implemented a hyper-personalisation strategy reported positive and measurable results on customer loyalty and satisfaction? This year will probably see a more significant increase in personalised communications with customers. (Source: Mediapost)

First-Party data is king

Even though GDPR is a concern for most companies, only 78% of them have completed a GDPR compliance assessment. As First-Party data became a key factor in the last couple of years, the use of data collection tools is now essential. Customers are ready to share more data with their favourite brands and media, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know them better.

Omnichannel purchasing journey

65% of companies declared that focusing on omnichannel strategy makes it possible to personalise the customer relationship. However, as customers use three different devices on average to consume content, marketers are looking for ways to improve their content performance. One of the big marketing challenges for 2020 will be to homogenise all their contact channels. (Source: SQLI Digital Experience)

New technologies growth

Emerging technologies, like Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence, offer new perspectives and challenges to companies. As 70% of the surveyed customers would rather have an immediate response to their issues, Google announced that 20% of searches now take place by voice search. Anticipating these technologies will represent a major challenge for companies in the near future.

Increase your customer knowledge

Only 2 out of 10 firms consider that they have an excellent level of customer knowledge. Studies show us the common difficulty faced by companies to collect and use their data. Whether it is due to a lack of analytical skills, poor quality of the data collected or lack of technologies, the use of data to better understand customers at a satisfying level is certainly something companies will need to invest more on.

Gilles Lenaerts

Teksti: Gilles Lenaerts, Country Manager Nordics @ Qualifio, has a background in customer engagement, CRM and e-commerce from Belgian IT consulting firm, Delaware. Since 2017 he has been guiding Scandinavian companies like Schibsted, Bonnier, Aller Media and Egmont Publishing in using gamification for their data-driven marketing communications.



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